Friday, April 18, 2008

Random acts Julie tagged me and i gave it a shot on 2 of mine...went to Picnik and did this.... clearly i need more practice...playing with all of the fun features,,, not to picture taking,,,ugh!!
so here they are... Random acts of me...
  1. I just love Ugly green
  2. I have a good sized Holly Hobbie collection
  3. I love cold ice cream spoons... i like to take the back side of the spoon when i am finished enjoying my ice cream... and rub it back and forth over my mouth... it just feels right!!
  4. I must be warm!! Always under a blanket!!!
  5. I have a weird thing about making a rectangle..then making an x inside with out picking up my pen... and oh... i envision myself doing cartwheels in order to accomplish this... it can't be done..( especially since i would probably be hospitalized if i tried to do that many cartwheels!!)
  6. and finally..when i laugh really hard or for a long time.. i have a little wheezy cough afterwards... weird?? embarrassing... TRUE!!

Well.. that's it!! actually there are more weird (hehem) random things to know about me.... we'll just leave it at these 6 for now!!!

Have a Love-Fully day!!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

YOU DID GREAT with your pictures!....I am going to have to try to play with that too!!...BTW....I am pretty sure I have some UGLY GREEN stuff AND HOBSTER here in Tennessee....when are you and the boys coming??? Miss you lots........Mommy

Julie said...

So fun! Great job with your first go around at Picnik. It just gets better and better. You'll see.

Melissa said...

I tagged you too, but didn't check to see if you had already been tagged! Oh well! Neat learning about you!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Thanks for the tip on my bathing suit dilemma! I am leaning toward the skirted suit. Wanted to let you know that I love the pic with the little blue bird on your blog. I have that scrapbook paper design (from Sis Boom?) that you used as a background and I adore it! The colors are fabulous!:-)





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