Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun Box Of Goodies...And Fun Goody In A Box

Our box arrived today from my mom. Look at our fun goodies!! The background is a new "blankie" for Smylie... a stand by until official blankie gets back from Mama's Blankie Repair Palace!!
She made this great sign for us with her Stampin' Up "All In The Family " stamp set! I just love it... and all of the whirly twirlies really pretty it up..ofcourse, loving the name all bold and prominent!
Look at this super cute birdie!!! My dad ..he works at Lowes... got a bunch of these on sale last season... isn't she so i have one of my own.. yay!!
One great new ball for Sammy!! He noticed that right away.. and examined it carefully.. he loves George..and fish!! Thankyou Mama and Papa for all of our new gifties!! We Love them!!
Oh... and here is Mr. Sweetums himself!! He is actually sitting IN the toybox!!! Ahhh!! These are the good old days!!

ps....i've been tagged and am putting my list together... will post soon!!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I am so glad you & the boys enJOYed your box o' FUN...Smylie's blankie is most definitely going to be a hankie!..hmmmm I wonder if I can make anything else out of the pieces??...wait & see!!love you lots....mommy

Julie said...

That Foster sign is crazy cute! I didn't know you could stamp on acrylic. Love that family stamp. Did you use it for the card you sent me? I have been eyeing it in the Stampin Up catalog for a year.





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