Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Jammies, Puzzles....and What do you want from me woman?

These are Sammy's very favorite can't really tell from the picture..but trust me!
Here is our little shape wizard!! He just Loves them!! And look at him sitting so nicely at the table!! Well done sweet Sammy!!
Smylie is not impressed with my picture taking!! Clearly I am interrupting something very important!!! See this is his LION KING shirt..we have had it for sooo long.. it started as a long night shirt and now he can where it as a real shirt... He is such a wild animal lover!! The only thing that could out do this movie for him is if it was Elephant King!!

I am waiting for my pretty fabric to come in the mail... i actually have an order to complete but i ran out of my pretty Amy Butler fabric... and i have to work on my first presentation of my box of Joxlettes!! oh..and i have to set aside some time to work on a special thankyou for customers!! Julie had a great idea here... now is probably the best time to be working on that kind of thing before everyone starts buying.. they will start buying..won't they??Where are THEY??
I am working on another treat for my shop and will hopefully post tomorrow...
Enjoy your day!!


Julie said...

I forgot to say... tag you're it. List 6 random things!
Excited to see what you have in the works for the shop.

Julie said...

and the Cali girls was hilarious on the playlist & I have one of your joxlettes as a favorite on my blog!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

hey, sp...tried calling you....where are you??.....your box is on its way...a little treat for you & the boys!, mommy

Alexandra said...

Love your pics, your boys are so cute!!






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