Friday, April 17, 2009

One Year..

Another sighting!!!
Look out Hollywood...

Dearest, sweetest, bird of a feather, friend of mine..
I am touched beyond words...but i am going to give it a try!!

Friend.... when i saw your new "reflections of you" line i knew exactly what i wanted on mine!!! and i looked for a special charm...but you beat me to it... then you posted a few days ago about some custom orders you were working on...and one reflected "Autism awareness"...and it took my breath away...

but it could not have been for me...i had not ordered this beautiful necklace for myself presumptuous of me to even think that you would have gone out of your way to Charm my life in another way such as to give me this precious treasure......i RAN to the mailbox!!! nothing...and i felt so greedy......the ugly green in me was a little jealous that someone else was getting this sweet reminder..their treasure!!but, secretly, i did still hope!....and yesterday...yesterday, a padded envelope arrived at our home...and i just held that package knowing, well, hoping that this was what you had made...and i am Forever touched by your your hands creating this necklace...a reflection of me...the autism piece has become such a reminder of our lives and our constant effort! I think my heart is no longer heart must look like a puzzle piece now!

My Friend...Thankyou Thankyou...a hundred times thankyou!!

What a Gift...YOU ARE!!...Yesterday was One year from the time we were told Myles would be placed in a classroom for children with Special Needs...Today is the day we were told Sammy has Autism... my heart has cried out to the Lord so much this past year...and today marks the anniversary...the anniversary of my greatest pursuit of the Lord's will in their lives..

My life..My Heart...and i want to not have every year on these days be marked by the sadness..the loss we felt as the hours and days creeped by...i want so badly to look back as we grow and see how far we have traveled...the progress our sweet boys have made...the amazing strengthening of our hearts as we witness their incredible lives...all the hard work they have done...all the growing into the precious people God would have them be! So..Celebrate with has been one year..

(My in my throat)...i am in awe...they amaze me everyday! Myles and Sammy are my constant reminder of hope.

They are a constant reminder of possibilities...and of sweetness of LIFE. My reminder that our God is sufficient...That His Love has covered us....and will ALWAYS!!

Thank you for your words of encouragement last year!!

Lori....Thankyou so much...these words do not even come close to describing this puzzle shaped heart of mine....I have not taken it off yet...I simply LOVE it!!!! Thankyou sweet friend!!

Have a Love-fully friends....


Anonymous said...

You are such a beauty....and I'm talking about the inside this time(the outside....ppssssssha!!!)! Your words said it just right, Joy. It's so easy to love you....and those sweet boys! You are a blessing and an inspiration. And you're my friend! tehee! ;)

Margaret said...

That is such a touching post. I have tears in my eyes. I am sure you are an inspiration to many. Your boys are just beautiful.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- My dear, dear friend, I am so happy that you like your necklace! It looks lovely on you. I think you got a new haircut, too?? You are such a beauty- inside and out! I am so absolutely and completely blessed by our friendship. Your post was beautiful.:) Lori

Jill said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL post! What a treasure you are! You are so inspirational...a true joy!
Many Blessings!

- and the necklace looks great on you! :)

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

How amazing... I too thought it was for you when I saw it on Lori's blog, but I thought you must have special ordered it... Well special it is indeed... Lori, the Lord has used you to bless sweet Joy and her family... AWESOME!

Rachel said...

So neat! I understand where you're coming from with your 1 year anniversary of some pretty heavy milestones! And as I mentioned in my post, it's taken us about 5 years to "figure out where we stand". So neat to read how other people react, live & love. :) Looks like you & your husband are doing a fabulous job with your fabulous boys. Give yourselves a pat on the back on this 1 year anniversary!

sara's art house said...

Sweet :)

Ruth said...

Beautiful post. Your children are blessed to have you. God will work amazingly in their lives.


Elise said...

Joy, you bring so much of that very word into so many people's lives. Mine included!! I, too, thought that necklace was a special order. How sweet of Lori to gift it to you. Y'all are some special people, you girls.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!





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