Friday, April 3, 2009

Did you know??

Here we are...almost one year since we first were told

Oh..the places we've been...and the people we have met...and all we have learned...

We are so blessed!

if you haven't read my "Doubleshot" post

please take some time and read it...

Our Mayor declared yesterday
"Autism Awareness Day"
for our city
at this ceremony..
it was so nice to be part of our little community of
Autism Families.

I will be traveling to Tennessee tomorrow

to see Mama and Papa with the boys..

we haven't made this trip in over a year..and i am so excited!

I have all my rest stops planned and movie viewing schedule ready!!

These Autism pins and magnets in the above picture will be making their way in the shop...

i will have more time (teeheewhawhawah!!)

to work on them there...

I hope you are all feeling blessed...and that whatever

your need..

that your HOPE ENDURES!!!

Also..Thankyou SO much for all of your sweet thoughts on those new shirts... made me feel happy!!

And another thing....

Have a Love-fully day!!


Jill said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!- What a special time! Love the pins!

Margaret said...

It is so great when people can join together for the same cause.

The pins are super cute.

Hope you have a great trip. I love TN.

Elise said...

Those pins are cute!! Hope you have a safe and fun trip!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

The pins are darling! Only you could be so creative, Joy! Have a fabulous trip and drive safely, Sweets! Lori

sara's art house said...

Wow- I did not know all of that about your boys! Thanks for sharing- I read the double shot post. Praying for you.

Have fun on your trip!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Have a wonderful and blessed trip! Your story encouraged me this AM. He is our strength, especially when we feel we have no strenght. (Talking about DS post) Have a wonderful Easter! Jackie

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

I just read your doubleshot post... You have been given such a gift to be the mother of these two wonderful boys, God knew you were the PERFECT momma for them, and knew you would use HIS strength, to get through the tough times... What a blessing that you are able to share with others... To use ALL things for GOOD! Bless you JOY!





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