Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just so you know....

Smylie has been loving wearing this towel...see the's Rocket from Little Einsteins... he was never really that interested in the hat part until he realized The Wonderpets wear he's all about a cape now!!..and another McQueen sighting!!

Look at this Sweet Boy!! He wasn't that excited about being on top of the we practiced together a few times... I think he likes the slide now... what do you think??

.......I love my life!!

Have a Love-Fully day!!


SanGal said...

It is nice of you to share the joy you get from being mom to those two adorable boys...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday to you! :)

What sweet mommy and me pics! And LOVE the towel...Maddy has a pink bunny towel (with big floppy ears and all!) that she loves wearing around the house....even when she's not drying off!

hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

My UBER CUTE 'n SWEET Grandguys!! you lots...miss you more......Mama

Anonymous said...

Well hello there!

Just wanted to let you know that YOU WON the friend giveaway on my blog! Come on over and email me your address...thanks! Hope you're having a blessed day!


BlessedUtopia said...

My Joy cup runith over!! Thank you SO much swappy buddy!! Oh, where oh where to begin on the looove? I love all the homemade favorite parts. I just got done snacking on my pringles :) I LOVE that mat...where in the world did you find that?? Since my island is on hold, I am going camping this weekend and THAT'S coming with me!! Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You're the BEST!!! Your (incredibly L A T E) box ships out today, b/c HARK! I found that long lost Khols bag that had half your stuff in it :) Amazing what a house overhaul can allow you to find :) THANK YOU AGIAN!!!!





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