Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cup of Joy....almost Monday..

Well Hello Summer!!!
It has been a very busy start to the season...
but i feel rested for a new week!
I chose this verse for today's cuppa..because i feel a great sense of resposibility to "live up to" my name...I mean, most people would probably expect a person with the name "Joy" to be just that..."Joyfull"... although my life hasn't always been Christ focused...centered...i know i have always had this burden..(not necessarily worse case senario burden...but a responsibility)
However, now that.."I am being filled with Joy in His presence"
my name continues to be nourished by Him...My God pours fullness into my matter the circumstances..with the knowing i am in His presence..i am filled with Joy!

So... now that Summer is officially here..I was looking for just the right new song to add..and i searched...and searched.. then Hubby reminded me of this song that he hears alot in Publix...and i thought it was fitting for our life.. We have had several months of what could possibly be our biggest crop of LEMONS!!! (not really lemons...just the stuff of life..)..And those lemons have made the most wonderful lemonade ever!! In abundance!!Icey cold...tall glasses of fresh lemonade!! What i am saying is...the squeezing is never the most enjoyable...the cuts on your fingers that sting when the juice gets in...and those stinker seeds that fall into the juice...grrrr! But look at all that lemonade you are about to make with all those lemons..all that juice...just a little sweetness and some cold there's enough to share...and you've got yourself the perfect byproduct of your crop!

We're gonna need another straw!!

Brotherly love.

If you have a Publix where you live...(Hubby works there..and I always say.."they get points" for buying from them)...but even if you don't ..look for this is YUMMMMMMMY!! I like it medium hot...and straight from the fridge..I just love to sit outside with the boys while they are chowin' down on PB&J..I can just eat my Jacks and chips...and be satisfied... !! Great summer snacky!!

And finally...the canvas is here!! My Mom and Dad splurged on us here and bought it..there was a 40% off coupon at the the project can be completed!! Thank you for being so very patient!!

Hoping you have a Love-Fully day!!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said... know we have Publix in Tennessee too! ( winkwink).....cant wait to see your Masterpiece on the canvas!!
Love you lots....Mommy (btw....when did we become Mom & Dad?....just in George)

Anonymous said...

hi! i just ran across your blog and your 'em!

have a great night, and you're welcome to stop by mine as well! :)

BlessedUtopia said...

AHHHH....what a refreshing post. And even though it's 7:15 in the morning, and I'm sitting here smelling the firmiliar aroma of coffee brewing...all I seem to want is a glass of ice cold lemonade!!! Love the part about your seem to live up to it quite well!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Guess what came in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I absolutely adore my joxlette!!! I took pictures of it by itself, on my hat, on my straw bad.... I will be making a huge post about "Me and my Joxlette" later today. I am in LOVE! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks for the treats for the girls, too.:-) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Actually I took pictures of it on my straw "bag" not bad.... Oopsy! Lori

Jenny said...

Do you change your backgroun every time you log on?! Sometimes I think I've stumbled onto the wrong blog when I open yours. You keep everyone guessing! Love the latest with the green! Nummies. :)





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