Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cup of Joy Sundays

Here's the view just outside Sammy's window seat. Lee snapped this moment and it was my inspiration for this week's....
Lee really has a love for bird watching...not initially very exciting to me...although i am a true birdie lover at heart... he even has a book with all sorts of kinds of birds...and binoculars right by the back door...just in case he spots one... his love of neighborhood birds has become contagious...and i now have an interest in the care and keeping of their feeders..... Smylie has become my big helper as well...and LOVES this special job he has!!! Pouring the seeds in...the birdies love the little red headed boy...he always pours extra for the ground....
So this verse from Matthew is fitting for our little family right now....not just for the task of feeding the birds..but the knowing that we are being fed as well!! The nourishment we get is found in so many different places...we are taken care of!
This apple is another symbol of how plentiful our lives are... this tree only bore maybe 10 apples last year...this year.... i have counted 63....they are tiny..crab apples...but the tree is producing fruit!I feel that way about our boys sometimes... but i should not be discouraged by it...the fruit is abundant..tiny..yet abundant...
And look at this beauty...this isn't some unbelievable rose garden that we spend hours upon hours in... it is a neglected old bush from our neighbor..who can't stand plants of any kind....and hasn't even lived there for most of the year...yet this beautiful specimen is peaking up over the fence into our yard!

And this just screams..."I LOVE YOU"
It was a tiny little sapling a year ago from the Arbor Society...
(i can't remember the name of it....) and now it is up to my waist. And look at the heart shaped leaves!!!
I've been taking a look in and around my life... and i can't believe i am worth it...that i was worth it on the cross..
that i will still be worth it on my just about to lose it days...
and that He is abundantly showing me..daily...just how far His love reaches...
Take a looksee...see what you find!
(and have a Love-Fully day!)


mysteryhistorymom said...

What wonderful words and pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your love of the Lord! It is a true blessing to all of us.:-) Lori

Drew said...

Hey! So according to your live feed I am from Greenville. :o) And I realize that you will notice a pattern- 7ish every morning I check yours and then go from there to Bring the Rain. I love your pretty pictures today. And I wanted to tell you that I am so thankful for you- you are such an encouragement to me.
Love, Chelsea





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