Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feels like Summer

These pictures are supposed to be below the ones below...grrr.

He must have gone down the slide a couple dozen times... by the end of the evening i caught him going down head first!!

So remember the "birds of the air" post a couple weeks ago..?
Isn't this playset awesome!! We had been eyeing the playsets at Lowe's..pricing and whatnot...and even inquired with a friend about custom making a playset for the boys..well..another friend has a lanscaping business and his customer just didn't want this anymore..her child had outgrown it...so if we could get it out of her yard..it was ours!!! FREE!!! What in the world?!

So..3 Publix subs later....hubby and 3 great friends helped move that wonderful playland to its new home!! Let's see how the boys like it...
I was going to put a rule up here that said "no girls allowed...only Mommy"..but we have great girls who are our friends...brownie...and the price is right...and some others..i just don't have cute names for them...anyway...we are happy to share our fantastic new payset with girls too!

Smylie didn't miss a beat!!

Like a playset pro!!

Mr.Apprehensive taking his time..he really is saying.."it's okay"

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Wow! What a deal! Looks like your boys are really going to enjoy it.:-) Yippee! Lori





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