Monday, July 11, 2011


We are settling in to this wonderful new life here..
Sammy absolutely LOVES Owen!!
We all do...
What's not to love??
One of our Dearest friends, Rhonda Danner, took some family portraits on Owen's first week of life.. I will be posting more of these..i just can't get enough of all of our "living" that she captured!!
Thankyou so much!!
Both of the big boys (i have to get use to distinguishing...there are 3 boys here now, you know)
go to therapy every day now...
They are really making such progress and it is exciting to see..

this is at Mamas and Papas house a few weeks ago...Sammy and Dada were exploring their property...
the whirlwind...a day by myself...with all three..there's laundry, my blog music..and a blurry kiddo running thru the house... :)
oh sweet sleepy baby...
his daily pattern has become more evident... the mornings are filled with little kitty cat naps..and the afternoons hold a solid stretch of 4 hours of peaceful sleep...we have even been able to consistently get 4-6 hours of sleep at a time every night!!
What a blessing!!
this is what the mornings usually look like...
everyone piles on the couch and i try to down a good cup of coffee..
myles is writing a line from one of our favorite songs..
"M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E...D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E!"
that's us alright!!
this pictures was taken weeks ago...he has grown so much..
Are you wearing your sunscreen this year??? should be wearing it everyday all year long anyway...but i know many of you aren't and won't...for almost 2 years i have been seeing a dermatologist..each time i go he finds another suspicious spot on my body...the latest one was under my eye..he removed the cancer using MOHS surgery..Lee came with me to watch was a 3 hour procedure..they got it all..
hopefully my next appointment will leave me in the clear!!
Please wear your sunscreen...
a shot glass worth of it everyday..
I haven't always..clearly...and now i wish i had!!
some new decor...
when we had Myles, this room was a chocolate brown...very coffee shopish...
after Sam was born, we painted it yellow...sunny and happy!!
now with Owen we have gone gray..the new neutral... with pops of color everywhere..
i'm thinking about painting the fireplace a fun color...??
orange even??? what do you think?? maybe yellow?? or blue??like the robin's egg in the frames..

Every between naps....Owen likes to spend some nice time on my lap..everyday his smile seems to come more readily...he really is engaging with me..some coos even...:)...
He is so dear to me!
sweet toes..
peaches are in!!! we have gotten many of them already!!
My Mom has made a couple cobblers...oooh..the taste of summer!!
my view.
every 2-4 hours..
not even close to tiring of this!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Joy- My heart is absolutely singing with happiness for your precious little family! The pictures are the dearest I have seen in my life! Your Mom shared lots on facebook.:) SHe is just a bit happy.:) Love you, dear friend. So glad you are getting taken care of by the dermatologist. I go to one, too.;) Lori

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Looks like fun filled days, I love all the colorful pics, and look forward to seeing more of the nursery... I like ALL of your fireplace color choices... hahaha I am no help.

Richard Rose said...

Lovely family you have there.

I don't wear sunscreen because I'm allergic, so I just try and stay our of the sun.

Good luck with the skin cancers.

Lora said...

so beautiful! i am so happy for you, my friend. i love looking into your happy, colorful home. the way you decorate is so cheery and full of whimsy. i LOVE it! and your sweet baby boy - oh my! so sweet. praying for you during this special season in your life. blessings, lora





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