Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Baby

It has been just over a week now.
and this little guy has stolen my heart!!

My picture uploading is a little rusty..so these are all out of order...

This is Smylie upon arriving at the hospital to meet his baby brother..

Owen Cole

Born...May 27th...at 5:32pm...

This was at 6am

we went in for an induction

We were so excited to meet our newest addition to our family..

not knowing who they were totally added to the anticipation!!

all hooked up...with my epi...and a lemon ice pop!!

I had some issues with my blood pressure after getting the epi...so they unplugged me for a little bit....i labored with some unexpected post epidural contraction pain...and then they gave me a little boost towards the end...all in a days work....

and we had this sweet boy!!

Sammy cannot get enough of his little brother.

Myles is just starting to warm up to him...he was expecting a her....

Owen is...




a great eater...

a great sleeper...(just not at night yet..)

so easy going...

our favorite gift this year!!!

I am falling in love with him more and more every day!!!

and even starting to get the hang of just a little sleep...

I have much blog catching up to do.. and i do miss all the inspiration to be had out there..

for now...the sweet smell of fresh baby is keeping me going...

and some strong black tea...and chocolate!!!

Happy Spot of Summer!!!

We have a long list of Summer time wishes inspired by Meg at Whatever...(hyperlink not working :(...)..

What do you have planned this year???

Whatever it is...make it a Love-fully one!!


Lora said...

JOY!! Congratulations!! He's so beautiful! praying for you, my sweet friend. :) lora

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Oh JOY... He's beautiful! Congrats to your family...





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