Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday week!!

Look at this sweet face!!!

This was this morning after his morning snack...we dropped his brothers off at therapy and had some bonding time...

 He makes this face alot...classic Owen!!

 Myles earned a trip to the zoo on Sunday..he had 5 days of leaving Charlie (his favorite elephant) in the van when we went places...trying to phase out the OCHoarding of all of his faves everywhere we go! It was a scorcher this weekend..and i had never seen his nose and forehead with beads of sweat on it before.. :)

 His favorite spot at the zoo....!
 Sweet Sammy after a morning playing outside!!
 he has a new facination with mud!!
 "he's very dirty Mommy!!"
getting ready to make some  
 worth it!!
in other news...
yesterday was my birthday!!!
i'm having a sale in my shop all week...
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at check out..
35% off everything...not including shipping, ofcourse!!
I am saving up to by me some of these...
you'll be helping contribute to my sassy red boot fund!!

have a love FULLY!!!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Fun days... Happy Birthday Friend...

jenn said...

i have LOVED catching up on your blog...and congrats on the new little one! God is so good to give us babies. What a gift!





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