Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days= Sew days

As many of you know..
we are snowed in!!

We loved getting out for just enough time yesterday to play in the snow!!

Myles was so helpful clearing off the snow...we haven't even been in the van yet..
Dada has been going to work and today is his first day off...
They did close down the PUBLIX early on Monday and Tuesday!!
We LOVED having him home extra these past couple days!!
Oh How they loved it outside!!
Sam wasn't as excited the last time during Christmas... but after the rain over the soft snow...he couldn't get enough of the crackling snow beneath his feet!!
It was a weird but really neat feeling!!
I could see why he loved it so much!!

Myles was very protective of his snowman!!
Sweet boy!

Played our homemade version of HEADBANDZ today..
it is a game we play at therapy...
have you played it..
Lee drew this picture of Saturn... then we told Myles all sorts of clues about this picture on his headband... and then he guessed...
when it was my turn...i ask..."Am I something you can drive in??"
"Am I an animal??" "Am i green??" and Myles answers accordingly


We couldn't let all that snow go to waste outside...
so we brought it inside!!

Sensory Winter Wonderland!!

Look at that crazy icicle!!

I was happy sewing!!
I just put it in the shop today!!

and this little pillow cover!!
What a great week to stay home with our little family...
we have rescheduled for our 21 week visit next week...
and welcome the many pictures of our sweet little one...
which getting MUCH bigger!!
That's what I think..surely it has nothing to do with the amount of food I am devouring daily!!
Have a Love-fully!!


Hope Greenwood said...

Great pictures. We have been watching a lot of movies in the past few days. I wish I were crafty like you.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Well he in sunny CA we don't have snow, but it's COLD... I love it... and I ADORE your NEW shop goodies... I am going to save my pennies for you pillow!

Elise said...

Glad y'all are enjoying the snow. I have turned into a sissy in my *old* age, and much prefer to enjoy the white beauty from the warmth of my home. :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Love the "Happy"! Oh my goodness, I made some happiness today, too! I always love to stop by your blog, Joy. You just make me HAPPY.:) Lori

Lora said...

trains in the snow! why didn't i think of that?! brilliant





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