Monday, January 10, 2011

My Stitcha-Roo and Shop Redo..

I was able to get some crafting done the other day and found some stitching that Myles had started ...

he found a clear spot in the (crazy messy) craft room..

and started stitching away..

I love how he is wearing his boots and his Dada's old high school t-shirt!!
WE were stitching together!!

Some new things went in the shop today!!
some pretty hair clippies!!

my stitching..
you know i'm loving this word...

a vintagey pillow..

a valentiney door hanger

and my new header for the shop...
I have had my shop since 2008...
and had never changed out my header.. Yeeks..
which wouldn't have been so bad if it was a cute little header like this one..(you think??)
Go check out my shop and let me know what you think..
I haven't gotten my destash stuff together yet...
but it's growing... let me know if there is anything you may like...
in my mind i have some piles set aside for some of you already..
like ...some Beads and buttons for LORI (morning glories lori)
...some fabric for SARA (art house)
....i would love to send you a little package...
and JEN(lipstick and laundry)
and LORA (eager hands)
and my non bloggy buddies that know me best..
and then there is still tons of stuff..
we need to make room for this don't be shy!! k??
also...we are under about 8 inches of snow right now..
we were supposed to see the baby today... 20 weeks..
we'll be rescheduling for next week...
Waiting to hear from you!!
ALSO ALSO guys really know how to make a growing girl feel pretty..
Thankyou for all of your sweet preggo comments!!
I will post another growing picture this week...I think I grew some more over the weekend!!
Have a Love-fully!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Sweetie was sooooo fun chatting with you today while snowed in....Perhaps NEXT time, you can bring the boys over to Mama & Papa's house....LOVE the pics of Smylie stitching....thats what I was doing too! you lots, Mommy

mysteryhistorymom said...

So you have all the snow!:) We have next to nothing! So glad you got some crafting done and your darling little helper (with THE cutest boots ever!), too! He did an amazing job! Enjoy being snowed in- I hope we are next! I would LOVE some buttons and beads, but I have to organize what I have, Sweets. No more goodies until I take care of what I have. Sometimes I have to treat myself like a child.:( Bummer. I'll let you know! Love you! Lori

Lora said...

oh, you're so nice! you know i would love anything you picked out for me! for real. surprise me!!
and i love your new shop header - so cute and happy!!

Richard Rose said...

I can't take anything off your hands as my stash is still too big. Sorry. :)

nancy rainey said...

Joy- just a shortie to tell you I so enjoy watching you and your family grow. You know I love you all and wish I was there to be a part of it all. Continued love...

Elise said...

LOVE those pics of the boys-they are so cute and even moreso in person!!! My word for the year...JOY. I'll be blogging about it soon and meeting you!!





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