Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Joy...You look like....

I went to Sammy's school today for "terrific tuesday"
the word of the day was "beginning"..
and keeping with the sound of music theme our family has been on...i thought we would start from the very beginning...a very good place to start!!
I had the children watch a clip from the movie...you know the one...
Maria and the children are on her mountain..and she is teaching them to sing...
they were captivated..
then we moved on to singing it ourselves, and all the children had a paper plate with "Do", "Ray", "Me"...on it...and off we went..it.was.so.much.fun.for.me...!!
They even remembered the word of the day after all of that great singing!!
So, the children have not seen me in a couple weeks, Christmas break,..
and upon everyone sitting in circle, one of the little friends said to me...
"Miss Joy...you look like you...

just ate!!!!"

I do look like i just downed the most gigantic plate of spaghetti in history!!

So...I only have 2 pairs of pants that are officially comfortable..
but i have managed to alter my favorite jeans
for the time being..

see my hair tie/button is too far away... fastener...
and my zipper surely won't go up all the way..
so i made my own BEBAND...
I just cut a tight fitting tank top at the bottom and it helps keep my pants fastening contraption smooth(er)..

i am so proud of myself!!!

Sammy came in to see what i was taking pictures for..

see some of his art work from a week ago when i thought i could take a shower ever so quickly...and Mauldin would do a fine job at keeping the mischeif to a minimum...
only to come out to the loveliest of art work on the wall...and armoire...oh..the mirror was completely covered in orange dry erase marker too...Who could have done all of that though???
hmmmm....I found Sam with his body included in the marking...
He drew his favorite person on his face too..i wish i had a picture..

Some Sammy Bear love!!

Just the other day...
I gotta remember to keep those markers up higher..
THIS is Sammy's favorite thing to draw..
He says..
"Draw face...
Two eyes..
draw nose..
draw ears..draw ears..
draw hair...
draw body...
two arms..
draw hands..
draw feet
draw feet..
He says it EVERY TIME!!
i imagine that he did this when he drew on himself as well!!
Ahhhh! sigh!
I gotta go..
Hubs is on his way home with hotdog buns...
I'm gonna look like I just ate again!!

Have a Love-fully!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Soooo CUTE Joy, it looks like you ate a BALL... hahaha cute tummy... I make those belly bands too with dollar shirts thrifting, only I do it so I don't moon friends and family with my low riding jeans... hahaha
You need to make that happy little picture into and embroidery and make a pillow!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

You are so creative....you MUST get that from me!...teehee....winkwink...I agree with Jen that Sammy's pic would make a great stitchery....Note to self...need washable markers at Mama's & Papa's!!

Lora said...

you are the cutest pregnant lady!! love it. :)

Hope Greenwood said...

Too cute!

sara's art house said...

You look so cute!!!

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

Cute belly!!! Congrats! I just found your blog! Your son is cute!! My girls colored people on the playroom with a sharpy!!! Not fun to get out!! LOL

Elise said...

You have go to be one of the cutest little pregnant people ever!! That one of you and Sammy, you need to frame...





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