Friday, July 2, 2010

On the 1st day of July my true love gave to me...

We made some plans to spend some time together..
imagine that!!
Thanks Rhonda and Clay..and Charis!
We had a wonderful time and without a care in the world!!
I've been spending so much time "in the city" lately with the boys..i decided to take my big guy out to see the sights.. our city rocks!!
We started on Main street...greeted by musicians warming up for Thursday night's "Music on Main" ..we walked up the street and saw some great was a vintage
clothing store...BE.STILL.MY.HEART.. Saliva producing wonder :)
Color coded polyester dresses..wild flowery prints..gingham galore..peachy pinky limey lemon dresses, shirts and skirts as far as the eye could see!!
Boys on one side...girls on the other..
swing your partner round and round..
dosey-doe your partner...
and boots..
for cowboys and gals..
This was such fun for me..especially to see my guy touching vintagey goodness with a slight fondness..
i don't think he was drooling all...
but he did find this cool hat..
it WAS NOT vintage..
he wanted it!
i got it for him!
it made him happy!
but not as much as it made me!!
Dinner at Trios!!
Go get the car...repark closer to the park..
walk with picnic basket in hand..we were also holding each other's hands too ..:)
that was know..we are usually holding somebody else's smallish hands..
As we approached Starbuck's...The Mr. went to get our coffee beverage...and i went to go find a spot to have our special dessert..
homemade blueberry pie with real whipped cream
I told him to come and find me..
and with dessert awaiting...he didn't take long..
We enjoyed our quiet spot..took some pictures...ate... sipped..
made plans...for our 10th anniversary.. a year and a half from now (my guy likes him some planning!! I try to be accommodating...)
The last date we had was in April just before the Autism walk...
we needed this!!
a lot!



Nancy said...

much joy abounds when seeing you two so happy.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

AWESOME! Love spending time with MY mister too...

mysteryhistorymom said...

I love, love, loved reading this! And the pictures were so WONDERFUL! I love your sweeties hat and you, Joy, are so super darling!!!! What a perfect match you are.:) Lori

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Great pics, sweet glad you had this date....plan on MANY MORE soon...when Mama & Papa get there!!!! you...mommy

Fran. said...

What an awesome love story!!! XO Fran.

Elise said...

Aww...y'all are too sweet!! I think you and I have the same anniversary and we'll be married for 10 years in a year and a half also!!





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