Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obsessions....(take 1)

I may or may not have an obsession with the bag section at Goodwill these days!!
I found this one and although it had some vintage residue..(nothing bad...just, vintagey)
i couldn't resist it!!
or the other 4 bags near it...
I covered up the vintage..and spruced it up...and I.Love.It!

Some of us have some sensitive skin around here..and we love our earth..
after a conversation with a dear friend of mine and her homemade laundry soap endeavor..i decided when we were finished with our huge tub of free and clear soap that i would give it a go..
i tore into my ingredients...and loved every second of it!!
This was so easy!

it smells divine...i can't get enough of it!!

This is for you sweet Nancy!!

Bring on the day!

Smylie got a hold of our camera over the weekend!
when i uploaded the pictures..i found this one..

and this one...

and this one...

oh dear!!

it was so sweet to see this picture being taken..
Myles said...."Smile Sam!"
Sam wasn't feeling it..

oh hello...it's me again!

who's obsession is this..his or mine..
i couldn't resist the camera..
except when i was sitting on the potty and Myles wanted to continue his documentary..
but every other time he would say in his sweet little voice..
"Say Cheeseburger"
obsessed with his sweetness
Today while I was putting items in my shop ..i was listening to my blog music..
and he said..."Hey Mom...I want some Beauty in the world!"
I keep trying to get some footage of him singing..which he does all the time now...but he can hear the camera and stops everything to cheese it up!

the way he sees it...

every moment is worth capturing!!

I have much that i have recently become obsessed with..the biggest being change..
not pocket change..
I think i like change.
I move our furniture around a lot..
ask any friend of mine..my house is not the same (rarely) as it was the last time they were visiting
and i chalk it up to my rad interior design self..
until recently..
i'm obsessed.
we are moving rooms..getting rid of things..paring down..(except for the Goodwill purses)
and i think it is actually because...
are you ready..
i'm not okay with change...
there are some..few.... things we have control over..
like..where do i want to put the couch this week..?
or..do i want granola or blueberries in my yogurt??or both??
or...which vase do i want to put the beautiful flowers my hubbie brought home for me??
i'm sure there are more choices we have control over...
but really, we don't.
even the choice of color to paint the walls in our rooms i feel was placed on my heart..
for, although we (i) think i have plans..they are not my own..
They do not belong to me.
"For I know the plans I have for you..declares the Lord"
So..me and my God have been busy moving furniture and picking out colors..and enjoying the waiting in the unknown...
i'm obsessed with HIS plan..not my own...

new in the shop..finally..
more obsessions to come!
Have a Love-fully!

What's the beauty in your world?


mysteryhistorymom said...

The pictures of you are so fun, Joy! You are darling! I LOVE what you did for the Goodwill purse! She appreciated it! What a makeover! And the new items in your shop are FABULOUS!!! Girl! I have been waiting! Those oatmeal containers never looked better! Another makeover! How DO you do it?!:) Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh, I have been moving furniture, too! Stop by my blog- I just posted about it today! Lori

Nancy said...

Just so's ya know.. no matter how I am feeling, I smile when I read your blogs!
I love the pictures Myles took and how involved he has been lately. I can't wait to see him and Sammy again and play play play as much as we can!

Nancy said...

wow- in the 'Leave your comment' box it says, "Running after you waving...in a cloud of dust..'til I can't see you anymore!!"
I think I will use that for my facebook status of the day. Status du jour!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Radical... FLOWER POWER... Your post just brought JOY to my day!

Elise said...

Joy...you are precious!! I love me some change, free change, the furniture movin', accessory changin' kind. Heck, I even like me some loose metallic change!!
Your containers are so cute!!

sara's art house said...

LOVE the purse with flowers! Adorable!





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