Thursday, June 24, 2010

Odds & Ends

We got back from vacation at my Mom and Dad's about 2 weeks ago..
Boy did we need some time to relax..i'm not posting about our first week of summer vacay..
this was the next couple days..clearly, I have some catching up to do..

I think this was last Wednesday ... everyone was up at 4am..
i decided to make some french toast for my they spent some quality time getting washed up..

so did the animals..

attention to detail is not one of our downfalls..

i love the spray bottle for fine motor exercises..

almost..just a little more...

Hey Sammy! the kitchen..

ooooh lala!!
le french toast!

we had just been to the farmers market over the weekend and got some fresh peaches..

this is my plate...scored some new stuff from my Mom's yard sale..
I mean tons .. Lee is still with me..don't worry...
I love these plates though..very robin's eggy/blueish/green..right up my alley!

LOVES him some French toast!!

Sam has been in summer school for the past 2 weeks of vacay too...Myles and I are totally taking advantage of the 2 1/2 hrs each morning..we are all usually together, so enjoying these times has been a real treat for me!!

we are at the children's garden here..look at these beauts!!

"Hey Mom!! Can I go through the tunnel??!!"

Look who is with us..of course it's Charlie...I need to put together a book , like Flat Stanley, of all of Charlie's adventures.. he goes everywhere..

Oh Hi Mr. Squirrelio!!

This is a beautiful American Red Bud.. Love these trees...

not as much as this fellow though!!

But look...the leaves look like the fullest happiest hearts!!
Just beautiful to me!!
We have one growing in our yard from the National Arbor is just a couple years old, but is till holding strong..Does anyone else have one of these in their yard??


he and I..or me..

look at the lovely dew on this daisy..ahhh..
it looks like it is opening up to the day ahead..
i've been completely embracing Summer this year..
Summer is totally my season..
You won't catch me without my sunscreen..
(for skin is so soft..and hopefully the Dr.Dermi won't find anything suspicious
the next time i go back in July..)
Myles and I are staying busy each morning..
the library...and summer reading program...
Goodwill..need i say more..??.. Great Harvest Bread Co for our fresh gluten free bread on Tuesdays..Whole spend the rest of our earnings..
Pooh's park...and the Zoo..playdates...swimming..
farmer's markets..blueberries up to our eyeballs..picnics..people watching...and embracing spontaneity..
sunshine..rainy afternoons.. and sleepy eyes at the 7:00 hour..

Hello Summer!
My Love..

and for the hair is long enough now for the smallest of braids..
I hope you are enjoying all of the beauty in YOUR world..
I have much more lovely to share..
more summer fun to come..



mysteryhistorymom said...

You have been blissfully busy, Joy! I am so glad! Lovely to see your pictures- truly the sunshine is shining at your house.:) I have a package of goodies for you but no box. ACK! I will send it soon, Sweets! Lori

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I am still waving!!!!!!!!!!!!.....missing you all LOTS!....Thanks ever so much for all your (and Lee's) help with the HUGE yard/moving sale...Hopefully the house will sell we can beeeeee on our way to SC!!
love, Mommy ( its weird to see you refer to me as Mom) glad to see Lee REALLY get into the Yard Sale!...maybe he is a convert !

Elise said...

Looks like you are having so much fun!! I'm waiting anxiously till Fall, myself...
I saw some puzzle shaped frames at Big Lots today and thought of you.

sara's art house said...

What great pictures! And I am hungry for french toast now :) :)





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