Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Pictures were too BIG!!

My Myles and his girl!
She has a way with him...
when she walks in the room he lights up..
it was field day this week..

Myles was not a fan of field day!!

Most of the time was spent on the sidelines...
the other time was spent with his girl...
a sweet friendship as a problem!!

So..I went to put up my new stuff in the i said..
and they said these pretty pictures were TOO BIG!!!

For REAL!!??

It would be the time that I had all my windows open (or whatever you call them)
and got each step done at the same time...grrrr..

until the upload photos part...

and they were TOO BIG!!!
I am watching Grey's..
I'll have to retake these pictures later tater..


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Joy, your shop items are GREAT, darn esty and their picture sizing... I had the same trouble... Got it worked out though... Can't wait for them to make a shop appearance!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Love everything, Joy!!!! They all have your special touch and I would know them anywhere!!!! Sweet pictures with your cutie pie!!!! Lori

sara's art house said...

Love the new stuff for the shop!!!!

Chelsea said...

You look beautiful in these pictures, Joy. Myles friend is pretty cute too! I LOVE the new things for your shop. So delightfully pretty.
As I was cleaning and organizing around here last night, I was thinking about you. I was thinking that if anyone came to visit and were to complement me on any of the beautiful things around, they would all point back to you! My house is FILLED with evidences of your faithful love and friendship. Thank you so much. From hand towels to pottery to quilts to dolls to waffle irons to pictures and frames, our house seems to call out, "Someone very creative loves us!". Thank you for being such a great friend to our family and so, so generous. We love the waffles- I'll send you some pictures.


Beautiful!!!!!!! Following you too from Nancy Rainy.

Please follow me, too. Love to host a review on my site ANYTIME!!

Elise said...

Oh my word, Joy, that is some awesome eye candy!! They are so yummy happy!!





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