Monday, June 28, 2010

Officially Summertime

Oh Summertime...
How do I love you..let me count the ways...
this kid goes topless..and shoeless..most of your days..
he loves your sunlight..
your HOT air..
your sweet freedom..

the little treasures you leave for him..

...for real...and apple tree in our back yard..
now..we THINK it is a crab apple is smallish..the fruit is ..well...smallish too...and the taste is..hmmm..crabby...
But we had some friends over the other day and they reminded me that apples are ready to be picked in the fall...hmm..didn't think about THAT one!!
Silly us..maybe we've been picking them too early..???..
anywho...This tree and our early picking reminds me of summer...and these hands (as they grow each year..sigh..) wrapped around the fruit!!

We found this FAB small picnic basket at Goodwill 2 Tuesdays ago...
It has already been on a few adventures with us.. just big enough for a picnic snack!!

oh excuse me...pardon me...just need to get by...
these (and many others)..can be found lining the path to our back door..
this can usually be found anytime of the year...but most everyday in the summer!!

mmmm...look at that sweet summertime baby..
his birthday is officially in September..but he would always rather be hot than cold..
he definitely (officially) got that from me..

oh..summer reading at the library..
this is our first year doing an official...(well, all we had to do was register..but still...)
program..Myles is the champion reader...(He DID NOT get that from me...)
and Sam is learning to read on the BOB books series..
2 weeks in ...2 books down!!
"Mat"..and "Sam" appropriate!!
This was at the library, listening to an author play his guitar..harmonica..sing and read!!
The boys really liked it!
Me too!
When we left..Myles said.."Hey Mom...I really liked the library!"
Officially... elated!! our library, i took a knitting class...Yeeks!!
Just one Saturday morning..I was paired with an amazing..most patient, teacher
and lover of knitting...I am really liking is a sample of my little project..
i know you are SHOCKED that i chose the yarn that i did!! :)
I try to do a little whenever I can..
I like to keep my hands busy..but lets face it..the sewing machine is a bit bulky!
this is the perfect activity for me.. I have done it while Lee drives..(he thinks i'm crazy..what else is new)..while waiting in line at the the park..while watching the kids play in the back yard.. while "watching" a movie...while i wait for my computer to get crankin'..and even..
(at church)...
officially..what do you think about that..??
my needles aren't all clanking
I AM VERY quiet...and it does seem to help me focus focused as i can be with a wiggly six year old next to me...still...this could be seen as a rule breaking activity..
again...i didn't bring my sewing pressure...officially...

Both of my grandmothers were knitters..
I just found out that one of them was..My dad's mom.."Nanny"..never knew this...shameful..i never saw anything remotely crafty at her house..Nanny did listen to classical music..and she loved iced coffee..and she worked at the library..but i never knew she was a officially...a meticulous told to me by not one but two family members..WHAT!! She would knit an entire blanket and notice she had "dropped" a stitch...and then take the whole thing out!!
I DID NOT get that from her..
I will show you what i did with my very first attempt,on another post.. this here is really my second attempt..
If it doesn't make it into a scarf...intended finished project...who knows what i will use it for..but i will NOT be taking the whole thing if i would even know how to do THAT!!
So..knitting warm and toasty items is officially..a summertime activity for me!!

Relaxing a bit after a morning at the library..we are sitting at the corner of coffee and main watching people go by.. and the lights change...
we will stop by OP Taylors after our break..
We (HE) will do a great job NOT touching i have informed him we are NOT touching, just LOOKING!!
For real...
Complete sensory overloaded toy store..

I hope you're making your summer OFFICIAL too!
Have a love....FULLY!


Nancy said...

It is so great to be reminded of the beauty in the world- and in your sweet men! It is def. official- you are sweet and just as insane as you ar sweet! Love you guys!

Chelsea said...

We enjoyed you tonight. You're so much better in person. Let's make plans for next time so it happens! And knitting? So curious to see what becomes of that pretty green yarn.

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Seriously a sweet should consider being an your spare time..teehee....and keeping with my promise, I will not comment on those "specifics" we talked about!(perhaps you can include in your book!), mommy





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