Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love my babies!

Let's do some catching up,eh?
Myles is doing so good in first grade.
Just little growing pains here and there...therapy has been a success..
he is using more words to express his thoughts and ideas...he loves to draw pictures on his magna doodle...his mind is a steel trap..what a memory!!...he loves his books and is really embracing his role as big brother now!
We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving...OH MY!
This kid can hang some ornaments!!
We've made gingerbread cookies...the first year in a new tradition!!
And Myles # was selected in the PDD waiver....(this is a list we have been on for 2 years.. he is now eligible for Applied Behavior Therapy Services...for as many as 3 years... or until we become wealthy enough to afford this service on our own...)
HUGE ! this is!

We cut Sammy's hair last week..
I've been holding on to his crazy great hair..he really does have great hair..fine lemony goodness.. but Lee was referring to him as we made the decision..
and he looks so grown up..
a whole new personality is showing in him now!
He likes to look at his forehead and the expressions it makes..
Sam is starting to read sight words from flash cards.
he knows so many...getting a head start on Kindergarten for next year!
ofcourse "spaghetti" made the list! :)
I thought i might reintroduce casein (milk products) to him...
I changed my mind...he had a stomach bug the week we started to give him some new yogurt..
the whole thing was so stressful deciding if it was a reaction to the yogurt or the crazy stomach bug that was going around...we just hit the 1 year mark for being Gluten and Casein free.. and have seen the most consistent improvement in these last several months...
why mess with a good thing??
What else about our sweet Sammy??
His # was selected as well for the PDD waiver! They were just 1 number away from each other.
We just found out last week!
This is such an awesome BLESSING!!
We will have several therapists coming to our home for awhile after school and perhaps even on Saturdays..
HUGE... this news!
Many of my Facebook and regular buddies already
know this...this is where all of my energy has been..
What a first trimester!!!
I am so relieved to be out of there!
Please pray for our little one as he or she is growing in my womb!
We are so in love.
I had always anticipated 3 children...
and with the lives we have with the boys, clearly it wasn't the right time before now...
Within just months 2..of this news I had (finally)sold most of our baby things in our yard sale..
(except all the stripey onesies and shirts to make a blanket out of)
and the week before, shared with my Bestest that i thought we might be finished with little ones...that my heart was nearing the edge of letting go..
my test confirmed i was
My heart sings...Oh happy Day!
I am expecting a miracle.
I hope to be back more now that I am feeling better (alive) again!
Praise the LORD!!
Have a lOvE-FuLlY!!
ps..Elise..i have a box of fabric for sorry friend.


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Joy, I am sooooo BEYOND thrilled for your family!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sweets- You know I am in HEAVEN over your precious news! What a blessing to have one more little sweetie! Busy as usual here. So much to tell you. I MUST send your package and notebooks!! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.:) Love you! Lori

sara's art house said...


Chelsea said...

Expecting a miracle? Of course, your home is already filled with them!
I am so excited about the boys waivers! That is AWESOME. Especially the timing with the new little one. It will be such a blessing to have extra help in meeting their goals and especially coming to your home to help!
I hope you continue to feel better and better!
(Oh and I so agree about the diet... that has done big things for the boys and you've already adjusted to the hard work of it, so why change what's working? I admire you.)
And, last but not least, Sammy's hair cut. I admit it's a little bittersweet. I love his fine blond, blond hair, but he does look like such a big boy with the new cut. That's completely appropriate for a five year old, but when did our boys get so old?!?
Thanks for the update. Next you need to put PICTURES of your beautiful Christmas decorations on here!

Elise said...

Well JOY, I am sooo happy for you and your men!!! What a wonderful blessing for your family. I was the baby, the youngest of the "first batch", and the only girl...hmmm...:) Can't wait to "meet" him or her!!

Ahisha Lauer said...

I love coming to this place because it fills me with this wonderful warm energy! I am very giddy to read that you are expecting a baby! Congrats! That is great news! Your family is beautiful!! XOXOXOXOX

jenn said...

What wonderful news for your family!! I love reading your blog, especially your updates! My oldest son, age 4, also has autism and we've been doing ABA in-home for a year now. LOVING it. Have never seen so much progress! It made me thrilled ot hear that you've made it on the waiver. I pray that the Lord would bless the works of your therapists' hands and it would bear much fruit!!
bless you! PS Lora at eagerhands is one of my "Bestests" and she was very blessed by your super sweet email today. :)





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