Saturday, September 18, 2010


I hope everyone has had a nice week!

Last weekend i played around with my other blog header..
and this is what i came up with...
so much to share..

waiting for Dada to come home...

he's everyone's favorite pal!!


We are collecting Box Tops..are you??
My Mom and Dad have been clipping away as well....AND some of our super sweet best friends have been saving them for us also !!!
Is anyone else interested in donating their box tops to our classroom too???
Let me know...
every 10 box tops equals $1.00...
I will reward the same discount in either of my shops for collected boxtops!!
and I say thankyou so much...
there are only 4 children in our classroom..
YOU would be making a difference!!

The last gardenia of the summer!!
I am the longest good-bye-er...
Word on the street is that autumn starts next week!!
Is this true??
Say it ain't so!!
I can feel the blues a comin'..

THIS should keep me cheery!!
I'm not the biggest fan of ice cream...not like my husband..
seriously..he could eat it every night.
I must, however, be an ice cream snob!
I found this in my grocer's freezer..
fancy tin canister..(i'll be saving it for baubles later)
I eat it right out of the canister..
with a hanky wrapped around it because of it's ultimate coldness..
and see my favorite spoon!!??
I think this is a sugar spoon.
It's my favorite..
I heart cold icecream spoons..
do you??

Have a Love-Fully Weekend!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh, your posts fill me with happiness! I adore gardenias and I would enjoy the last one as long as possible, Sweets! Their sweet fragrance is like nothing else. sigh... Your sweet new friend... hurrah! What is his/her name? And I can just see you with your favorite spoon enjoying a sweet treat of dark chocolate ice cream! Love the image! That container is going to hold many pretties or maybe you have other ideas? can't wait to see! Big hugs, Joy! Love you! Lori

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Love you lots....miss you more....mommy

Lora said...

i love gardenias, too! their smell remind me of my wedding day. i had them in my bouquet!





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