Saturday, February 14, 2009

The story of THE LOBSTER!!!

I refer to THE LOBSTER often..and it occurred to me that you may not know what i am speaking of!!
I am very allergic to shell fish...and have a terrible reaction when i eat it... swollen lips...eyes...lymphatic system...
throat...yeah..pretty much..i could stop breathing... seems i have a saying "No"...upon arriving at my Hobby Lobby !!! (no swelling...don't worry)
I try to NOT get a buggy to avoid heavy purchasing..
but you know..these Mommy arms can hold a 50 lb kiddo ..
so imagine the damage i can do...with just my arms...
anyway..that's the story of THE LOBSTER!!
and the little wooden lobster pully toy..i got at..
MY GOODWILL..for only $2.00...
It was handmade in Maine..and still had the original price tag on it...Larry Lobster =$25.00..
Wowwee!! it is Valentine's Day today...
my computer is making all sorts of cracklin' sounds...i think there's a little hamster on a squeeky wheel in there...
oh dear!! So I have tons of pictures to share with you..but i don't want the computer to, when Cracklin' Rosie is gone..i'll be back...hopefully it won't be St Patty's day then..
Have a super LoVe-FULLY
Valentiney Day!!
mmmmmmmchwwwaah!(that was a kiss)


sara's art house said...

I used to live by a Hobby Lobby and LOVED it!!!!! Fun stuff in there. I may share your allergy :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

There is a Hobby lobby down the road from me and I go almost every day! My name is Lori and I am a Hobby Lobby addict! I only went once this week. Are you proud of me??:)

Love the lobster- so cute!!!! Lori

Elise said...

Well, thanks for clarifying what The Lobster is. LOVE, I mean seriously {HEART} Hobby Lobby!! In a bad way...

Chelsea P. said...
Thought you would like this. :o) Hope your week has gone well.

Elise said...

Hey Joy,
Just checking in on you. Hope everything is going well.

Rambling Girl said...

Missing you! Hope all is well!





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