Friday, October 28, 2011

Off The Hook!

In an attempt to keep it real...
this is a little video i took on wednesday.
i didn't get around to the after shots..but it did look better.
i did do the jillian michaels dvd..
30 day shred.
i have 29 days left.
i skipped thurs and fri.
 a checkup...myles said something about..."arrrrr.nice costume matey!"
during this eye exam. :)
 and a hearing test.
Charlie even looks like he is raising his trunk to the left!!
 Good Morning!!
see the elephant biscuits in the background!!
i used one of those sandwich cutters and they turned out great! fun for my elephant lovin' boy!
 the kids were able to dress up at the clinic where they go to therapy..
I was thinking we would dress up as pirates for Halloween, because of the reference during the eye exam...and every time i wear my red boots myles tells me i look like Jake from the Neverland Pirates..anywhooo...
Myles played it safe and wanted to wear his tiger costume...
he LOOOVED the face panting...(just some eyeliner from my makeup bag)


 and what's a tiger costume without an elephant hat!!???
 Sam is not really the dress up kind of fellow..
but he loves him some motorcycles...
so i drew a quickie notor on his cheek.
 oh..the day looks like it is wearing on us..
my love was carving the pumpkin...
 Myles drew the picture he wanted carved and Lee carved at it while the boys and I watched Sally say "Blockhead" 27 times too many!!
What in the world!

Sweet Sammy turned on the camera today and took this himself.
funny boy!
I am very excited about tomorrow.
I am going to Charlotte to visit my friend Lora from Eagerhands.
She is participating in HarvestFest at her church and i'm going to stop by..
my Mom is watching the big boys..and Owen and I are going to steal away.

Did anyone see Extreme HomeMakeover tonight??
What a great presentation.
Totally wishing we could go to Hawaii.
you know.
who wouldn't? right.
Also loving the Sparrowclub organization.
I tried to view the website during the show and it had crashed from all the love.
Does anyone know if SC has a chapter of Sparrowclub?

do you serve in your community?
What do you do?
i would love to serve in some way..
Although..I could probably do a better job at keeping in touch with my besties..

****it looks like my awesome video did not stand a chance.
you only missed my messy house.
i'll try again..maybe with a happy baby video instead.

Thanks for the encouragement from the last post!
You made me smile.

Have a love-FULLY!


Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Help is ON THE WAY!!!!...see you soon!, mommy

nancy rainey said...

Goodness gracious, I love you woman. I am so glad your mommy is there now and can s'mother' you to heck and beyond. You, Lee and your three are some of the most special folks I know and I am hopeful of actually getting by there this next time...looking kinda Christmas-New Yearsy this year! Have to pick up my own special blend of boys!

Lora said...

love you my friend. thank you SO MUCH for making the drive up to come and support me for my big day. you are such a blessing! :) looking forward to when we can meet again! lora





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