Friday, April 30, 2010


I am so GRATEFUL!!!
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to everyone who donated for the walk!
It was a beautiful day..
The night before the walk, I was on a official date with my hubs.. Our amazing therapists had a date night offering for several families..
What a huge blessing!
We went out for pizza at Happy Pie, then we went to Barnes and Noble..just browsing..
then to get a coffee at Starbucks...and back to get the boys..
3 hours people!!
This was big!
and we were told that the boys did great!

The coffee was much needed as i stayed up late pushing these shirts through my machine!
Nothing like the last minute, huh?
I work best under pressure..what's up with that?

Sammy sporting his new puzzle tee..

Dada with his new shirt too..
A few of our closest friends came..and it was so nice to spend this time together..
Thankyou, our sweet friends!

Just sayin'.
Have a love-fully weekend!


Fran. said...

How awesome for you and your hubby! Love the shirts! Yours is so adorable! Your a super Mom! XO Fran.

Chelsea said...

Trying to catch up, you know. Just a little behind.
I love the shirts. I had seen the picture of Lee and the boys on Facebook so I noticed his but couldn't make out the boys. Put all four together and they are a perfect set. And I am not the least bit surprised you stayed up late to finish them. I would have too! :o)





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